About us






The often-daunting task of turning concepts into reality demands us to come well

prepared with the right expertise. To that end, we provide services to offer you

an insight into our initial design contemplations such as area plotting, 2D/3D

designs, plus layout animation walkthroughs so you know what lies in store for

your office or home. Construction-wise, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty

and mold what already exists through our capabilities of interior modification and

structural construction, as well as various M&E works to ensure the best of

modern technology is never absent.


3B Ideation sdn bhd



Step into our workshop and you will be greeted

by an orchestrated cacophony of carpentry and

mechanical madness, lead by our maestros of

precision and technique.

On the field, we pride ourselves in using the

ideal resources to both achieve desired results

as well as deliver on projects beyond our

it just makes our imaginative tasks

ordinary scope of work.